Guru Sakya Monastery Ghoom
Khenpo Palden Phuntsok

KHENPO PALDEN PHUNTSOK of Sakya Guru Monastery

To introduce Khenpo Palden Phuntsok of Ghoom’s Monastery, we need to go to the era of pre communist Tibet. The old Tibet where the system of training and custom had prevailed for a thousand year with little change; and the lineage of various teachings were very strong and influential; and where life were guided by Buddhist and local customs prevalence with little interference from the outside world.

Khenpo Palden Phuntsok was born into this world as a Tibetan at Sakya, of the well known Surnap Family in the year 1932. He exuded great intelligence in all aspect at a very tender age. An astrologer, who had observed the kid’s exceptional quality, advised his parent that the child should enter monk hood to further develop his capabilities. At that time being able to led a monastic life was regarded as the most respected and revered activity.

So in 1939 at a very young age of eight years, he was initiated as a novice monk by H.E. Khenchen Jampal Sangpo, the chief abbot of Sakya Lhakhang Chenmo (The Great Sakya Monastery in Tibet) and also received from him the very basic sutra vows.

He had excellent training in the grandeur of Lhakhang Chenmo. He completed his study in all aspects of ritual practices in a very short time under the tutelage of Gyatso Loph. After which he continued his studies and trainings in tantra practices such as in the deities of Hevajra,Vajrapani, Vajrakilaya and Vajrayogini. All of which were essential studies in order to become a Phentsang. During that time at Sakya, he acted as a (Gyakhod), a Discipline Master and was highly respected throughout Sakya for his excellent moral conduct.

After finishing these studies he was awarded the title Lama Phenstang, whichwas given to a special and skilful group of monks who were able to perform tantric pujas.

He received his first Lam Dre Tsok Shed at Sakya (Path including its Result) from H.H Jigdral Dhakchen Rinpoche of Phuntsok Phodrang in 1945. He received Drupthab Kundue and many other empowerments, and other extraordinary teachings of the Sakyapa. from H.E. Khangsar Shabdrung

He went in exile in 1960 in Valung , Nepal near the border with Tibet .He stayed there for nearly two years and then went to Darjeeling in India . There under the late Khenchen Sangya Tenzin, he received his advanced sutra vows.

In 1968 he received teachings and empowerments of the Lam Dre from H.H.the Sakya Trizin at Sarnath, Varanasi , India .


Gradually, his skills of Tantra practices increased and from 1978, he went through many types of intense meditations, constantly for more than two years in a stretch.  

In the year 1980 he took the Lam Dre Lob Shed from H.H. Sakya Trizin in Puruwala on the outskirts of Himachal.

He also received many profound teachings and empowerments, from numerous different teachers, namely H.H. the Dalai Lama, Lama Jamyang Choekyi Lodoe, Ngawang Shenphen Nyingpo and Ngawang Lodoe

In 1981 he was doing a Dorjee Lopen. He received the teachings and empowerments of Choe Kyorg Gur Lha Gye and Phute Sor-Kye. He was seen by Khenpo Palden Sangpo, visions of Dorjee Phurba.  

He had led and constructed the Mandala of Kyi Dor Kyekhor; led and conducted prayers on the occasion of the death anniversary of Sachen Kunga Nyingpo; and had also conducted and led in the Phurdog Chenmo performances.

In 1991, at Rajpur, Uttaranchal where the seat of the Sakyapa sect in exile, the Sakya Centre is situated, he preformed Lamrim  Chenmo, the final step of Dorjee  Lopen, He constructed the Mandala of Kyi Dor Kyekhor and led  in the prayers on the occasion of the anniversary of enlightenment of Sachen Kunga Nyingpo.

At the special invitation of H.H.the Sakya Trizin, he taught for one year at the Sakya Center . During that time he introduced special teachings of the Sakya sect and ritual practices.

From 1991 to 2005 he conducted various summer retreats and carried out many Mahakala Pujas.

In 2005 he was enthroned as a Vajra master by H.H. Sakya Trizin.

He has since been the chief abbot, Khenpo of Sakya guru monastery of Ghoom performing all the duties of a Khenpo till now...


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