Guru Sakya Monastery Ghoom
Spending of the clinic

It is gratifying to note here that a humble beginning has been of great service and benefit to the monks and all lay people. However, we are concerned and worried about continuing the programme in the future. We have estimated that the following needs are most essential and of recurrening nature. We therefore appeal at large of friends and well wishers to kindly contribute towards this worthy effort.


  1. Doctor’s fees per month:                 Rs. 5,000*12 = Rs. 60,000 (annual)
  2. Office Assistant per month:              Rs. 2,500*12 = Rs. 30,000 (annual)
  3. Keeper cum Cleaner per month:        Rs. 1,000*12 = Rs. 12,000 (annual)
  4. Monthly medicine costs:                      Rs. 5,000*12 = Rs. 60,000 (annual)