Guru Sakya Monastery Ghoom
Tibetan Medicine

There are checkup room, dressing room, patient room, office room and one free room in the clinic. In Ghoom there are many people use Tibetan medicine and they believe it because it is very good for health and says that it has not side effect. If we establish a Tibetan medical, it will be benefit for all patients. So we have plane to establish a Tibetan Medical in that free room. The plan has been running since we concerned about it.


We request to all friends and well wishers to kindly contribute to do Tibetan medical activity.


  1. Doctor’s fees per month:                      Rs. 2,600*12 = Rs. 31,200 (annual)
  2. Monthly medicine costs:                        Rs. 4,000*12 = Rs. 48,000 (annual)