Guru Sakya Monastery Ghoom

Presently, the monastery has well over a hundred monks, ranging in age from the age of 11 to 80. Among these monks are many novices, and a few seniors. The rest perform religious and administrative duties. Novice monks are required to memorize the texts of ‘Cho-Jod Molam’; ‘Kunrik’; ‘Phu-drub’ and ‘Due-Dor’. Apart form these courses the student also learns to play ritual music, making of ornamental offering cakes, drawing of sand mandala etc. The novices are also provided with a thorough monastic training besides classes in Tibetan and English. Upon completion of these courses they are assigned monastic duties such as ‘Ghegoe’ (disciplinarian); ‘Aumtse’ (Chant Master); and ‘Choe-pan’ (Chief Master of Offerings). The monks are then expected to undertake retreats in ‘Jung-dul’; ‘Kun-rig’; ‘Nejor Ma’; ‘Phurpa’ and ‘Kye-dor’. The monastery extends full support for any monk undergoing retreat. After the completion all the courses the student can join Sakya Chophelling institute in order to study Buddhist Philosophy.

Young monks playing dung-dkar.

Sakya Guru Monastery has a further three branches affiliated with it, all of which have flourished over the years:

  1. Sakya Chompheling College, Rimbick
  2. Sakya Samdub Ling Monastery, Pashupati
  3. Sa-Gon School, Salugara
  4. Clinic-Chodung Karpo Gyandak,Ghoom
  5. Kunga School of the monastery.

With the blessings of His Holiness the Sakya Trizin, our root Guru, and with the collective effort of the entire monastic community, the monastery is self sufficient and able to cover almost all of the running expenses through the offerings of devotees and faithful Buddhist communities.