Guru Sakya Monastery Ghoom
During the Vajra kilaya puja

VAJRALIKAYA DRUBCHO: This is held every year for nine consecutive days from the eleventh day of the 7th lunar month. During this drubcho the monks’ examination consists of leading the Vajrakilya Drubcho as chant master without the aid of any scriptures.


HEVAJRA DUBCHO: It is held every year for seven days from the thirteenth day of the ninth lunar month. During this Drubcho monks prepare offerings and erect sand mandala 


MAHAVAIROCANA DRUBCHO: this is held every year from the eleventh day of the fourth lunar month for five days along with changcok (purifying ritual for the deceased as well as the living ) are offered for the people who have passed away.


GU-TOR: This is also another yearly feature held at the end of the year; it starts from the twenty-third day of the 12th lunar month for seven consecutive days. A Ritual dance is also performed on this occasion and it is usually performed with Vajrakilya as main deity.


TSE-CHU (GURU PADMASAMBAVA): This is a monthly puja, which is held on  the  tenth and twenty-fifth day of every lunar month.


DHU-TOR OR MAHAKALA DAY: This is held every month for five consecutive days from the twenty sixth day of the lunar month.


The above Drubchos and pujas are usually conducted by the Ven. Khenpo Palden Phuntsok as the vajramaster. Apart from these drubchoes and pujas, Tara Ritual and mahakala puja are held every day. Also pujas and scriptures recitation are held frequently on requests from the sponsor.